Ministers' Foreword

Minister Victor Dominello’s Foreword

The NSW Government is on a mission to be a world leader in customer service – and digital initiatives and innovative use of data have a crucial role to play. The government’s strategies in the digital space are about whole-of-government service delivery and continuous improvement. 

However, quality customer service can only start from a relationship built on trust and arising from a strong foundation of security and privacy. 

Increasing overall cyber security resilience is about ensuring the safety and security of citizens and communities online. Government is absolutely pivotal to this as part of its overall responsibility to protect its citizens.  

In a post COVID-19 environment, we need to adapt our way of living and working to embrace the digital future. Our post COVID-19 “new normal” will bring incredible opportunities as we adapt to greater reliance on connectivity, remote working and importance of data.  It is important that the NSW Government maximizes the State’s existing capabilities and develops the local cyber security industry into a globally competitive, innovative ecosystem that drives economic growth. 

While the roles of industry, government and members of the public are different, they need to complement each other. Developing cyber security awareness of individuals is the fundamental building block as each citizen can better contribute to the security of their household and workplaces once they understand and consistently apply the basics. 

Our vision is to cement NSW as the leading state for cyber security in the Asia-Pacific region. We believe that NSW can become world leading centre for excellence on cyber security resilience jobs and innovation.  

To achieve this, the NSW Government has an important role to play in both setting the standards and regulatory requirements for cyber security within the state, but also going above and beyond demonstrating best practice in its own cyber security maturity journey. There is also an opportunity to collaborate across NSW Government clusters to set clear expectations and accountabilities for cyber security, privacy and safety of citizens, the data that is entrusted to us and the services that we provide for citizens. 

Besides promotion, education and awareness generation, the NSW Government has the opportunity to lead with internal best-practice adoption as well as procurement rules which encourage securely developed and tested software systems, preventing further threats down the road.    

The Hon. Victor Dominello MP,
Minister for Customer Service


Minister Stuart Ayres’ Foreword

NSW is the proud home to an impressive cyber security ecosystem, and one which continues to be at the forefront of emerging capability. It is a sector with sizeable growth potential, and an important contributor to all other sectors. 

The recent health and economic impacts resulting from COVID-19 have placed additional demands on digital connectivity and created an immediate need for businesses to operate in a geographically dispersed way. This period has shown us that now, more than ever before, cyber security is a critical component in reducing business risk, and one which simply cannot be overlooked by any business or government. 

The NSW Government is committed to partnering with industry to continue to grow this critical sector and leverage the strengths of industry and academia to drive international competitiveness. As part of this, I am pleased to note the establishment of a NSW Cyber Hub under this strategy, which will deliver in partnership with other government agencies, a range of initiatives to accelerate the growth of NSW cyber businesses and to enhance the cyber workforce. 

As industry begins to place greater emphasis on cyber security, there is increasing demand for specialist skills and knowledge and it’s imperative we consider career pathways at all stages of education and beyond. We must also reshape our thinking of cyber security professionals to create a workforce that draws on the strengths that neuro and gender diversity can offer. 

Through the NSW Cyber Hub, we will deliver a workforce development plan to help create a fluid and dynamic workforce that is needed to address skills gaps, ensure the maintenance of specialist knowledge and attract the right talent. In addition, we will launch a Cyber Security Industry Placement Program, designed to bridge the gap between education and workforce requirements, as well as provide career pathways for those reskilling. 

We must foster innovation, continuously strive for new advancements and improvements, and capitalise on the strengths that can be realised through collaboration amongst government, academia and industry. Through this close collaboration, we will be able to realise a truly strong cyber security ecosystem and see the successful commercialisation of cutting-edge solutions.

As we seek to strengthen our cyber security industry, there is a strong need to further develop our ecosystem. In this regard we will seek the expertise of industry through an Expression of Interest to deliver an Accelerator in Residence, which will bring together industry led expertise to assist businesses to scale and attract investment. 

The Hon. Stuart Ayres MP
Minister for Jobs, Investment, Tourism and Western Sydney

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